Crowder State Park

Crowder State Park

Centered around Crowder Lake, Crowder State Park is made up of rolling hills with forested terrain, and has over 17 miles of trails to hike, bicycle, or ride horses. Much of the park is in the floodplains of the Thompson River, so plan ahead and contact the park staff before your trip so you know in advance if some of the trails will be closed due to flooding.


Crowder State Park is a half hour drive from I-35 in Bridgeport, MO. The park is located near Trenton, MO in northern Missouri.

Thompson River Trail

A total of 8 miles, the Thompson River Trail would be too long to hike for most of us, but the Trail is split into a north portion and a south portion, so you can do a much more reasonable half of the trail. Even doing half the trail, at four miles, it is longer than many trails in Missouri state parks, and accounting for the hills and terrain, it could be a strenuous exercise. This trail is open for horseback riding.

River Forks Trail

A easier trail than the Thompson River Trail, the River Forks Trail extends two miles over hilly woodlands at Crowder State Park.

Tall Oaks Trail

The Tall Oaks Trail goes along the shoreline and the bottomland forest, before headed up into the hills and fields above the river. When you complete the trail, you can continue on over the Crowder lake dam and back to the campgrounds.

Crowder Lake

Canoes and electric motor powered boats are allowed on the lake, and a boat ramp is available. Canoes and kayaks are available for rental. For fishers, channel catfish, largemouth bass, and crappie can be found in the lake.

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