Nitecore MH25GT

Nitecore MH25GT

Looking for a dependable, high-powered flashlight to take on your caming and fishing trips? Then look no further! The Nitecore MH25GT is an incredibly bright flashlight that will last any camping trip that you throw at it.

Nightcore MH25GT vs MH25

This flashlight is the Nitecore MH25GT, which is an upgrade from the previous MH25 model. For the same price as the old model, you get a brighter light, with a stronger battery for an additional 8 hours of battery life! These new features are a great update to a flashlight we love.


The MH25GT is an impressively bright flashlight. In turbo mode, it puts out 1000 lumens, with a beam distance of 452m (1400 ft). In low mode, it only puts out 50 lumens, giving you a wide range of possible brightness levels for any occasion. The flashlight has a fixed focus, so you are not able to adjust the spread or the width of the beam.


The MH25GT has multiple modes that you can take advantage of. The turbo mode gets the the full brightness of 1000 lumens. The user selected mode lets you select from 3 different brightness levels: high, mid, and low. Additionally, the flashlight has a Strobe and an SOS setting.

Charging the Nitecore MH25GT

This is a rechargeable flashlight, with a charging port on the flashlight so you don’t have to take out the batteries everytime you need to recharge. To charge the battery, simply plug the flashlight into a usb charger, and switch the flashlight to the on position. A rapidly blinking light indicates that the flashlight is not on, and therefore is not charging.


Included with this flashlight is a Nitecore 3400mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery. The form factor for the battery is 18650. The flashlight is compatible with other 18650 li-ion batteries with IC protection, however they can be a bit finicky about which batteries work with which flashlights, so using a NITECORE NL189 3400mAh Rechargeable Battery is recommended. Extra batteries are available with both 3400mAh and 2300mAh capacity. The 3400mAh battery shown above is recommended so that you can get the full maximum run time.

The included battery is rated for a 36 hour maximum run time with the flashlight in low mode. The brighter you have the flashlight, the quicker the battery is depleted. Nonetheless, even in the brighter modes, you get an impressive run time, and with the usb charging adapter, you can recharge the battery almost anywhere. For long camping trips without access to a charger, you can bring an extra battery or two.

The flashlight is also compatible with two CR123 batteries. The li-ion battery (included) is recommended for a larger energy capacity. The benefit of the CR123 batteries is that they perform better in low temperatures.


  • USB Charging cord
  • USB Adapter
  • Carrying pouch
  • Pocket clip
  • Lanyard
  • Battery

Included with this flashlight are a usb charging cord and adapter, a carrying pouch and a lanyard, and a rechargable battery. The usb cord is a mini USB, and the USB adapter is a standard wall adapter, so you can charge your flashlight using any other wall adapter, or car adapter, giving you flexibility without having to bring another charger with you. The pocket clip gives you the option of clipping the flashing to one of your pockets, or you can use the carrying pouch.

Our Thoughts

This is an incredibly bright flashlight, especially in turbo mode. And its well-built. Being able to recharge the flashlight easily with any usb adapter means that you can keep it charged, so you know its ready for when you need to use it. Being able to charge it in your car easily without removing the battery is a strong selling point. The brightness is a strong selling point, but equally important is the ability to adjust the brightness down to a reasonable level, for use in your tent or house. It is a sturdy flashlight, especially bright, and in a small form factor.

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