Thrunite TC12

Thrunite TC12 Review The ThruNite TC12 v2 has been my everyday camping flashlight for the past year, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. It is a handheld, rechargeable flashlight, with 5 different brightness levels. Firefly mode (0.5 lumen) is great for looking through your bag in the middle of the night, without blinding everyone else in the tent. Turbo mode (1100 lumen) is almost certainly brighter than any other flashlight you have. Use it to light up a field, or any other open area. If you have trouble picturing how bright 1100 lumens are, and I know I do, picture a car headlight. A single headlight will range from 700-1200 lumens, so this tiny handheld light is just as bright as one of the headlights on your car. The TC12 is a rugged, tactical flashlight. With an aluminum body construction, the TC12 feels incredibly hardy and durable. Impact resistant to 3 feet, and waterproof to 6 feet, this light will hold up to all the challenges you throw at it. The light comes in two variants: TC12 CW and NW. CW stand for Cool White, and NW stands for neutral white. The CW will be… Continue reading